ZEE5’s Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story S3 Trailer Shows Glimpse Of A Roller Coaster Finale Season

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2019)

After a super-successful and satisfying run of two seasons, ZEE5 is back with the third and final season of its super hit series based on the life story of Sunny Leone. Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story S3 will finally start streaming on ZEE5 on April 5 and we simply can’t keep calm.

Sunny Leone aka Karenjit Kaur has been quite an enigma. Her journey from a world-famous adult star to critically-acclaimed Bollywood actress has not only been intriguing and unbelievable but also motivating and inspiring.

The first two seasons of Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story was indeed an eye-opening one as it gave an insight on her childhood and upbringing followed by what course did the actress’ life took and made her what she is today. While Season 1 has 10 episodes, Season 2 has 6 episodes and remaining episodes are set to release in Season 3 on 5th April on Zee5, thus bringing the story of the star to where she is today.

The trailer of Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story S3 came out recently and by the look of it, the final season will be sprinkled generously with love, hope and emotions.

The trailer begins with glimpses of Sunny’s life as an adult star with her voice in the background about the importance of one’s past.

“Humara past hi humara future ko decide karta hai.”

While the Season 2 ended in a heart wrenching with the demise of Sunny’s mother, the upcoming season is expected to bring some new moments of her roller-coaster life. The trailer shows the glimpse of a romantic marriage proposal by Daniel Weber, a picturesque interfaith wedding and the launch of her new production house.

Further, the trailer throws light on Sunny’s entry into Bigg Boss and eventually into the Indian entertainment industry and her life in India.

Going by the trailer, Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story S3 will be filled with not only ups, but some downs as well since the actress will be shown losing her other parent to cancer. On the whole, the season seems to be exciting, intriguing, emotional and totally binge watch worthy!

Watch Karenjit Kaur season 3 trailer now.

Earlier, Sunny has confessed in a press conference that shooting some scenes of the web-series was not a cake walk.

If there is anybody in the audience who has lost their mom or dad, they will understand what it feels like,” said Sunny in a choked voice at a press conference in September last year. “You bury the sorrow and you heal from the situation. Yes, they (actors) are not my real parents but the feelings are real.”

Well, definitely it is not a very easy task to relive one’s traumatic moments once again, but Sunny has done the job with utmost perfection and conviction in the past seasons.

In fact, every characters’ detailing has been spot on. Be it Bijay J. Anand as Sunny’s father, the very talented Grusha Kapoor as her mother or Marc Buckner as Daniel, the whole cast seems to be apt and with Aditya Datt’s direction, you tend to feel as if you know them all since ages.

It is pretty obvious that Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story S3 will carry on the tone and the mood of the series to an exciting end. The series will start streaming on ZEE5 on April 5 and we know what we are going to do this whole weekend!

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