Why You Should Totally Watch ZEE5’s Postman ASAP?

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2019)

ZEE5 has lately emerged as go-to platform when it comes to quality and refreshing entertainment. It’s latest offering, “Postman,” is out and is a complete treat to watch.

Well, the internet is flooded with a slew of web-series, originals and what-nots of all nature. However, quantity does not equate to quality all the time. In the sea of unlimited shows, series and movies, there are only a few that are able to touch our hearts and one of the latest such series is Postman.

Here are some of the reasons why you should watch ZEE5 Tamil series Postman right away without any delay:

  • Nostalgia:

As the name suggests, Postman is much-needed kick of nostalgia. The series will instantly take you back to your childhood days when a postman was a familiar-everyday figure and not a non-existent rare entity like in present times. The series also touches upon various aspects of the era gone by like hand-written letters as well as magic of the great Thhalaiva and the madness around his releases.

ZEE5's Postman
ZEE5’s Postman
  • Characters:

The characters in Postman are the kinds which you have never seen before yet they are realistic and relatable. The central character is a happy-go-lucky, Rajnikanth-fan postman who has woken up from a coma after 20 years. He is determined to deliver the 20-year-old letters along with his 20-something daughter who supports him in every possible way.

  • Brilliant Cast:

The fact that Postman stars Munishkanth Ramdoss as the central character is a good enough reason not to miss the series. Best known for his superb comic work in his last memorable outings in Rajinikanth’s Petta, he is as natural as ever along with perfect comic timing.

Ramdoss revealed earlier during an interview that he was a bit hesitant to work in a web-series.

“A few friends advised me to go ahead with it, saying it was the future, and the fact that I play a fan of Thalaivar was the icing on the cake.”


Not to forget the Keerthi Pandian, the young beauty, who has played the central character’s adorable daughter. Her innocence and charisma are just enchanting and so is her adorable camaraderie with Ramdoss’ character.

  • Plot:

The plot is thick and will keep you on the edges throughout. A postman who is out to deliver letters opted to catch the first day-first show of Rajnikanth’s Baasha instead and later meets with an accident. He slips into a coma from which he wakes up suddenly one day after 20 years.

Once woken up, Ramdoss’ character decides to deliver the stalled letters and then begins a chain of events in the lives of various people who receive their long-lost letters.

  • Refreshing Change:

With back-to-back heavy dosage of Game of Thrones, Delhi Crimes, Chernobyl and Leila, this series is the perfect recipe to give your overworked brain a break. The series is simple yet refreshing slice-of-life comedy drama that will leave you with a light heart and smile on your face.

Moreover, each episode has its own story to tell about how a long-lost letter can still affect people’s lives and maybe save a few. (Oops, too much revelation!)

  • More To Come:

The series is currently out with five episodes, each of which is a heartwarming story in their own way. But the best and the exciting part is some letters are still to be delivered. Yes, four more episodes are scheduled to be released in July and we are so looking forward to them.

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