Super 30 Trailer: Why Is Insanely-Tanned Hrithik Roshan Speaking In Fake Bihari Accent?

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

After a long-long wait, Super 30 trailer, which features Hrithik Roshan as Patna-based mathematician, is finally out. The movie is set to release on July 12.

Super 30 marks entry of Hrithik Roshan into biopic genre. It chronicles the journey of Anand Kumar, a Patna-based Mathematician, who fought against all odds to run a coaching centre for underprivileged kids in Bihar and trained them for IIT entrance exams. And that too, with 100 per cent success rate.

It is known that Anand Kumar’s centre which goes by the same name under which 30 talented yet under-privileged students are selected and trained for admission into IIT- JEE. The selected kids are also provided study material and lodging for a year, free of cost.

Hrithik is playing the central character of mathematician Anand Kumar. Super 30 trailer begins with a voice over talking about the immense talent in Indian kids. The trailer begins with him teaching in a typical money-making coaching centre when somewhere down the line, he has a change of heart and decides to open his teachings and knowledge to poor and under-privileged kids for free. And then begins the roller coaster of intense emotional play.

Watch Super 30 trailer right here:

Everything seems good and exciting except Hrithik’s accent. His accent seems super fake and imposed upon and nowhere justifies his work or character. Nor his insanely-tanned skin. No wonder, social media users aren’t very happy about it.

Super 30 trailer’s dialogues are now the recipe for memes and jokes.

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