Here’s How And Why Social Media Is Tearing Student Of The Year 2 Apart?

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2019)

Student Of The Year 2 is finally out in theatres and internet is lovingly tearing it apart.

And why not be the case is Student Of The Year 2 is too predictable, far from original, pointless and logicless. The competition has gone inter-school this time with Kabaddi being the main sport and Dignity Cup the big coveted reward. On the lines with Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, the chief rivalry is between students from a hip, fancy school, and kids from the modest local school.

Only the ‘kids’ here, main hero Tiger Shroff and anti-hero Aditya Seal, hardly fits into the image of school kid and into their arm-ripping uniform.

No wonder, social media is tearing the Dharma Production’s offering, Student Of The Year 2, mercilessly and super-hilariously.

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