Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana Trailer Review: Ratnaa Sinha’s Directorial Debut Shows Rajkummar Rao, Kriti Kharbanda Love Story Gone Terribly Wrong

Shaadi Mei Aaana trailer begins on a happy lovey-dovey note but ends up giving goosebumps with shocking and unexpected twist and turns

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

Trapped, Behen Hogi Teri, Bareilley ki Barfi and Newton- 2017 surely is Rajkummar Rao’s one of the busiest as well as accomplishing years. To add another feather in his already crowded multi-colored cap, here comes Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana, the trailer of which dropped a little while ago.

Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana is the directorial debut of Ratnaa Sinha, wife of Anubhav Sinha of “Tum Bin” and “Ra.One” fame. The story is set in the heartland of U.P with Rajkummar and lead actress Kriti Kharbanda in the role of normal earthy characters.

Watch Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana trailer here:

Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana trailer begins with a perplexed Aarti Shukla (Kriti) trying to convince her father to continue her studies when he summons her to appear for an “achha rishta.” What follows are the quite realistic scenes which actually happen in arrange marriage cases in present times too- girl clad in sari serving tea to a bunch of strangers who have come to have a look at her.

Moving on in the trailer enters Rajkummar’s character Satyendra, a shy seemingly introvert boy who takes the matter of marriage quite seriously.

“Sirf 10 minute koi kaise faisala le sakta hai, aur alag galat faisla ho gaya na bandhu, toh samjho jeevan barbad hai.”

The shy boy and girl meet, get to know each other, SEEMINGLY fall in love and are finally getting married. That’s it?

No, here is the twist. Ambitious Aarti Shukla runs away on the eve of her wedding, leaving Satyendra alone and devastated at the altar. Five years on,  the boy has become an IAS officer and in charge of an investigation when he comes across another brilliant but controversial officer- Aarti Shukla, who is no one else but his ex-fiancee.

“Hum gussa nai hai, hum nafrat kartey hai aapse”- with lines like these, Rajkummar seems to be in for another transformation, this time from a shy boy-next-door type to an angry merciless bureaucrat.

Shaadi Mei Aaana trailer begins on a happy lovey-dovey note but ends up giving goosebumps with shocking and unexpected twist and turns. The trailer has also touched upon prejudices that still exist against even educated girls when it comes to the decision of marriage. The movie is set to release on Nov. 10.

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