Pushpavalli: Don’t Miss Sumukhi Suresh’s Web-Series About Crush Becoming Fixation With Hilarious Effects [Watch It Here]

You got to watch this new fascinating web-series of a woman called Pushpavalli

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Do you like to binge-watch? If yes, then you are going to love this one!

Amazon Prime Video has come up with a new web-series Pushpavalli. And it is exactly what you need during these ongoing cold winter nights.

Pushapavalli is created by comedian Sumukhi Suresh, who is also playing the lead role of the same name. The series is about a young woman who moves from Bengaluru to Bhopal to chase her crush and later obsession Nikhil, a businessman she met and fell for at a food conference in Bhopal.

What follows is a series of events in which Pushapavalli is seen lying unhesitantly to almost every second person as she tries to get closer to Nikhil giving way to a chilling unexpected conclusion. You know that she is headed for doom! Watch it here.

So, what’s new here? Isn’t it the same old typecast Bollywoodish stalker story with the table being reversed? No, it’s way more than that.

Pushpavalli manages to bring a smile to our face while worrying for Nikhil’s safety- both at the same time. Pushpavalli’s endearing qualities, her wit, and smartness yet naivety about common things (read flashing), her fixation over her crush and her optimistic outlook about her bright future with him manage to keep you on the hook.

The series is amusing and likable on the surface, but dark and twisted as you go further. Apart from Nikhil, who is brilliantly played by the well-known face Manish Anand, the series has a slew of some amazingly drawn-on characters.

Like Pushpavalli’s foul-mouthed boss Pankaj (Naveen Richard), whom you will love to hate at the beginning for his unpredictable temper, but will swoon over later for his refreshingly and thankfully nonchalant attitude over menstruation and soiled sanitary pad. Not to mention the way he guards Pushpavalli’s back whenever needed.

Pushpavalli’s PG owner and her PG mates are some other characters that keep you entertained throughout the series. And special kudos to devious twins and her well-synchronized timings of their equal devil plans and morbid ideas whom you may won’t like much during the start.

And yes, that tea-seller who is always ready with his notions for the reason behind Pushpavalli’s unending queries about Nikhil. The eight episodes of the series have been directed brilliantly by Debbie Rao to cleverly cover up various social taboos but not at all in a boring preachy way.

So, during these long winter evenings, ditch TV for a change and watch Pushpavalli. You will find yourself clicking and watching all the episodes till the end in one go!

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