Watch Outstanding Performance Of Socially-Impaired Sumeet Vyas In Official CEOgiri Season 2 [Where To Watch, Review]

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

Brace yourself, people, as Sumeet Vyas is back!

Remember Official Chukiyagiri, a Sunny Kaushal-Mithila Palkar starring web-series that ended with a surprise appearance of our beloved Sumeet Vyas? Well, Arré has launched the season 2 of the web-series titled Official CEOgiri and it is something that you should not miss at all.

As of now, Official CEOgiri Season 2 episode 1 and episode 2 are streaming on Arré. Further episodes are expected to be launched very soon with episode 3 to come out on March 26.

Official Chukiyagiri was undoubtedly one of the best web-series of 2016. It was realistic and relatable yet dramatic and entertaining- all at the same time. While the series focused more on Sunny Kaushal’s Spandan Chukiya (Chukiya, not Chutiya!) and cute intern played by Mithila, the Season 2 seems to be more about Sumeet Vyas’s character Dil.

Interestingly, Dil is the man behind the mysterious drone. It turns out that Dil suffers from social anxiety disorder due to which he avoids public interaction and socializing and thus uses a drone to remote control his startup. Vivacious Aahana Kumra’s character Rati is still the baddy in this season as well as she backstabs Dil and leaves him stranded with his company in total turmoil.

Now that Rati has stolen the company’s clients, Dil has to rejuvenate his startup and encourage his employees all the while struggling with his own inner demons. As of now, Spandan is out from the storyline or so it seems. The plot seems promising and intriguing, so far.

While there are many good things to say about Official CEOgiri like Gopal Dutt, who plays Janitor Chacha, there is one thing that stands tall in the series and that is Sumeet’s awe-inspiring acting. The way this amazing 34-year-old actor carries the nuances of his character in each and every frame inducing giggles, as well as sympathy for Dil, is totally applaudable.

It is safe to say we are finally done with Micky from Permanent Roommates and have moved on to Dil.

Official CEOgiri Season Episode 2 has ended on a suspenseful note. While we wait eagerly for March 26 for Episode 3, you go and watch the last two episodes. They will gonna keep you amused for sure. Watch them here.

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