‘Lucifer’ Season 3, Episode 11 spoilers: What happens in ‘City of Angels?’

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2017)

After the superb fall finale, the show is ready for the flashback winter premiere. “Lucifer” Season 3, episode 11 titled “City of Angels?” In the episode, Lucifer and Amenadiel are in L.A. and Dan and Chloe are still together.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming “Lucifer” Season 3 episode. Read if you wish to know more.

Official “Lucifer” Season 3, Episode 11 Synopsis

According to the summary of the winter premiere, the installment takes the flashback route and showcases Lucifer when he first arrived in Los Angeles.

“In a flashback episode that takes place when Lucifer first came to L.A., Amenadiel comes to retrieve his fallen brother, but is shocked when he is mugged. Amenadiel enlists Lucifer’s help to track down the mugger and Lucifer, in turn, offers his assistance—but only in exchange for a favor. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan, who are still married, investigate the murder of an MMA fighter, Aidan Scott, at the hands of the same killer who mugged Amenadiel. The Season 3 winter premiere,” reads the official synopsis for episode 11 via TV Guide.

Official “Lucifer” Season 3, Episode 11 Promo Trailer

In the promo trailer, it is revealed that the upcoming installment is a special episode. And it goes back to the very beginning. A scene in the promo video shows Amenadiel and Lucifer getting away with a convertible. Towards the second half of the video, Amenadiel wants Lucifer to head back home as their father will be furious. But, Lucifer is not willing to go back. Elsewhere, we see Dan and Chloe before their breakup and they are investigating the murder of Aidan Scott, an MMA fighter. Watch the trailer below.

“Lucifer” Season 3 returns after the winter break hiatus on Jan. 1, 2018 on Fox.

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