Keep Your Kids Engaged In 2021 With These Best Streaming Services’ Child-friendly Content

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2021)

March 2020- Covid-19 hit and suddenly everyone had to stay at home due to nationwide lockdowns across several countries. One year later, things have worsened in India. As a parent, this must have been a tough time for you because you’re juggling work from home while keeping tabs on your kids.

Choosing the Right Content for Kids

With no physical schooling and limited or almost zero playtime, the need to keep your children occupied in beneficial ways that would make both parties happy becomes paramount. The aforementioned contributed to the massive growth of online streaming services. With India languishing in the second wave with lockdowns in many parts, recognizing the best streaming services available for kids is essential to you as a parent.

Choosing from a wide range of streaming services is an uphill task, and much harder when looking for content tailored for kids. We will try our best here to simplify this task by recommending the best streaming services for kids.

Best Available Streaming Services

1. Disney Plus:

Disney+ is full of kid-friendly content and boasts of a collection of old and new Disney movies which would have your child entertained for hours. Because of its particular interest in children, there’s a lot of child-friendly content available for viewing – all of which are tailored to the child’s needs. Movies like Mickey Mouse, Muppet Babies, Star Wars, and Newsies are some of the movies Disney+ has.

Must-watch Kids’ Movies and web-series on Disney+:

a) Mickey Mouse

b) Muppet Babies

c) Star Wars

d) Newsies

e) Cinderella

f) The Princess and the Beast

g) Mary Poppins

2. Netflix:

There is a huge catalog of movies and content tailored towards children. The platform has movies like True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Puffin Rock, Spider-Man – Into the Spider-Verse.
You can easily create a PIN in your settings and Netflix would ask for this password anytime a movie rated PG or PG-13 is about to be watched. Specific titles can also be restricted, not minding the age

Must-watch Kids’ Movies and web-series on Netflix:

a) Spider-Man – Into the Spider-Verse

b) The Last Dragon

c) The Rainbow Kingdom

d) Fearless

e) Jingle Jangle

f) Over the Moon

g) Barbie Princess Adventure

3. Amazon Prime Video:

Prime Video is a great all-rounder for the family. It has content for everyone
but also a massive catalog for children. There are Original Kids Series, educational movies, and lots more content for kids. You have a choice to rent either old or new movies with great value.

Amazon Prime Video is equally equipped with strong parental controls where you can set up a PIN to prevent any unwanted content from filtering down to your kid’s eyes. Purchases of any movie too would be blocked off unless a PIN is provided.

Must-watch kids’ movies and web-series on Amazon Prime Video:

a) Despicable Me

b) The Penguins of Madagascar

c) The Lorax

d) The Pilgrim’s Progress

e) Fantastic Mr. Fox

f) The Spongebob Movie

g) Alvin and the Chipmunks

4. HBO

This streaming service is great because it has content for all age groups. There is specific programming on the streaming service tailored just for kids. This is known as HBO Kids.

Because of its tailored content just for kids, security is high and there’s no exposure to indecent content. Parental guidance can also be set with a PIN to restrict certain content.

Must-watch kids’ movies and web-series on HBO Kids:

a) Sesame Street

b) Esme & Roy

c) Tarzan

d) Madagascar

e) Ponyo

f) Home Alone

Tips to Best Protect Your Child

● Always set parental controls for each streaming service.
● You can access more content from around the world with the use of a VPN.
● Limit the hours your kid spends on the screen.
● Spend some time together to know what kind of content each streaming service makes available for
your kid.

Although there are a lot of great options available to keep your kids entertained, the above-listed streaming services take care of not just entertainment, but also provide great security measures for parents to filter the content available for viewing.

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