Is Sushant Singh Rajput, Sara Ali Khan’s Kedarnath Turning Out To Be Another Disaster?

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2018)

The infamous disaster that struck Kedarnath killing thousands of people has seemingly not spared the movie as well. While Kedarnath is out in cinemas, public and critic alike are slamming the movie for the weak, old-fashioned, predictable plot along with a CGI-driven mess that washes the last 20 minutes.

Yes, that’s Kedarnath in a nutshell. Just like seen in the trailer, most of the load-bearing work is done by Sushant Singh Rajput while debutante Sara Ali Khan justifies the role of the free-spirited, feisty daughter of a priest.

The movie has garnered 2-3 star ratings max from the leading publications. The only watchable part that is being claimed in the movie is its visuals.

“The snow-capped peaks, the gushing waters of the Mandakini, the panoramic views of the settlement in the valley and the sweeping vistas around it that cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray captures are stunning no doubt,” says NDTV.

And yes, Sara. As rightly said on social media, Kedarnath is Sara’s Saawariya. As per critics too, the public may not like the movie much, they will not be able to forget her and she will make a mark of her own in Bollywood.

So, watch only for Sara. However, Twitteratti will advise you otherwise.

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