Kangana Ranaut AIB Video Is Too Bold, Too Gutsy To Handle [Watch It Here]

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017)

Kangana Ranaut has spoken again! Not spoken, but she has once again rebuked all the issues she had already touched upon in the past stormy week- the controversial affair with Hrithik Roshan, nepotism, item numbers, objectifying female cast in Bollywood and much more and that too, in a singsong way.

All India Bakchod (AIB) released a gutsy video yesterday and it has already garnered more than 1,80, 000 views. The video titled “AIB feat. Kangana Ranaut – The Bollywood Diva Song” is unbelievably bold and straightforward. Scroll down and watch the video right here.

Keeping intact its genre of sarcastic humour, AIB presented the “Simran” actress as a film heroine, Priya, in the middle of an item song shooting. When she disagrees with the director over a line “mere seene pad mal de iodex hoton se,” she is being shooed away while the hero, who is shown treated as Shahrukh Khan’s character from “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam,” is praised a lot when he also expresses disagreement.

The actress has once again shown the world that she is capable of doing things that no other heroine from Bollywood of all the times would have even dared to attempt. As the song’s shooting starts in the video, the actress is seen dancing to a song titled  “Bcoz I have vagina re,” a very bold parody of the hit number “Chittiye Kalaiyaa Re.”

Kangana Ranaut AIB video touches upon many issues related to her personal life as well as issues on which she has been fearlessly vocal about. Very hilariously, she touches upon how directors perceive the female actors when she introduces herself as “love interest.” The actress also puts spotlight on the double-meaning Bollywood item song lyrics, seemingly pulling a leg of Kareena Kapoor’s infamous “Fevicol Se.”

Phrases like “thak gayi ass chum chum ke,” “Kaanch ki ceiling,” “its almost paedophilia,” “Aurat hoo, mere balls kaha re,” and many more are just unbelievably bang on.  But the most controversial line seems here is “Papa ne tujhe launch kiya re” wherein Kangana is seemingly taking a dig at her rumored ex-boyfriend and superstar Hrithik Roshan.

Click the video below to watch Kangana Ranaut AIB video:

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