8 Exciting, New Hindi Web Series, Movies To Watch In May 2020

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2020)

Well, the lock down for most of us continues. So is our never-ending quest for something to binge watch. With nowhere to go and nothing new to do and so much time at hand, chances are high that you must have slurped up every watchable stuff off the internet by now. But guess what? There’s more!

It is almost mesmerizing that the OTT platforms have so much in store to surprise us every month. So before you start sweating that you have run out of things to watch, here are some of the newly-added Hindi web series and movies to watch in May 2020:

1. Hundred 

Where: Hotstar

When: Streaming Now

Why: Interesting mix of cast which includes Lara Dutta, Karan Wahi and Parmeet Sethi

This heartwarming web-series comes as a surprise as we see two totally pole-apart women twinning in an unique amusing way.  While we see Lara Dutta playing Sam, the no nonsense cop struggling to kick some ass under a boss who otherwise deems her better in off-field work, we also get to see Rinku Rajguru as an average woman with a borderline-unhappening life as she continues to slog in a government department while feeding her jobless father, a frail grandpa and a little thankless brother. The latter comes to know she has just about 100 days to live, thanks to a life-threatening tumor, after which her life takes a u-turn on a chance meeting with the lady cop Sam.

The series is light on the tone, non-preachy, comic and bone-tickling at some points and has a fair share of suspense and drama. The best part is the odd combination of the two women who are completely different in their own world but together they form a great team. A decent watch for sure.

2. Thappad:

Where: Prime Video

When: Streaming Since May 1

Why: Anubhav Sinha’s soul-jerking direction, articulately assembled cast, not-so-out-of-world yet deeply-touching plot

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Thappad coming to Prime Video is one of the best things that happened during this lock down. The movie explores the issues of patriarchal mindset and misplaced concepts of misogyny that is deeply embedded not only in just the men but in women too. The movie will make you think deep and beyond from what we are conditioned to think and believe. 

If you have not watched it yet, do spend an evening with Thappad no matter how much you have the basic idea what the movie is about. 

3. Kaamyab:

Where: Netflix

When: Streaming Since May 4

Why: Rave reviews from global figure like Alchemist writer Paulo Coelho, Sanjay Mishra in his usual best form

Kaamyab revolves around the life of a now-retired, out-of-work character artist who was once a household name, and was known for his eccentric portrayal of some of the most outlandish characters of Indian cinema. When a journalist approaches him for an interview, he realizes that he gave up on acting just one film short of his 500th movie.  The tonality of the narrative is both light and thought-provoking, funny and emotional. 

The movie is an ode to endless sidekicks in Bollywood who came and went un-celebrated yet managed to make a mark on the minds of the viewers.

4. Pataal Lok:

Where: Prime Video

When: May 15

Why: Promise of spine-tickling neo-noir thriller, impressive cast including Abhishek Bannerjee, Gul Panag, Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi.

Nine part web series will explore a neo-noir world where pursuit of an attmept to murder will lead the cops to the dark netherworld – the ‘Paatal Lok’, and to shocking discoveries in the past of the four suspects. The web series is produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Filmz and directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy.

5. Baarish Season 2:

Where: ZEE5

When:  Streaming since May 6

Why: Sharman Joshi in digital platform, heart-warming story of a Mumbai couple

Picking up from where it left, Baarish Season 2 will delve into the lives of the odd married couple who ends up on the verge of divorce despite being madly in love. 

6. Illegal:

Where: Voot 

When: May 12

Why: High-voltage courtroom drama

This Voot original is a court room drama where Niharika (essayed by Neha Sharma), also named “mad lawyer” owing to the unusual tactics applied by her for winning a case in the past, is pitched against the big shots of judicial system as well as her own conscious.

The web series promises to depict the two sides of legal world- honest lawyers who are ready to put their lives at stake in their battle for justice and the ones who are nothing more than mercenaries, who are appointed to just win the case.

7. Betaal:

Where: Netflix

When: May 24

Why: Zombie horror by Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies, Directed by Ghoul creator

This one-of-its-kind web series will explore how a remote village becomes the theatre of a breathless battle when a two-century-old Betaal, a British Indian Army officer, and his battalion of zombie redcoats are unleashed. 

8. Kenny Sebastian :The Most Interesting Person in The Room 

Where: Netflix

When: May 29

Why: Kenny Sebastian, duh!

Kenny is coming  back with his 6th stand up comedy special where he will focus on  his outlook on the important people in his life has changed ever since he turned 28. He will also fuse his musical and comedy chops, while getting analytical about frumpy footwear, flightless birds and his fear of not being funny enough.

Want more? Here are the best web series and movies released in April and March

So what are you waiting for? Let the binge watching begin.

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