Chopsticks Review: Don’t Miss Abhay Deol, Mithila Palkar In Netflix’s New Heartwarming Flick

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2019)

It is not wise to step out in this hot summer heat. What is better is to stay inside, Netflix and chill. And why not when you can have Abhay Deol and Mithila Palkar to give you company?

Yes, that’s a fresh, never-seen-before and totally never-imagined-before combination. Netflix’s latest Hindi original Chopsticks stars this refreshing pair along with Vijay Raaz and it is something everyone should watch on a lazy weekend afternoon.

For the start, Chopsticks has thankfully brought Abhay Deol back to screens after a long time (no, we aren’t counting Nanu Ki Jaanu). His character appears to be a stretch of Lucky from 2008 hit “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!” at first who has now developed a panache of cooking apart from regular stealing and breaking-ins.

Then there is internet-favorite Mithila Palkar who is a regular Mumbai girl living alone and trying to create her space in the big bad city. Her avatar Nirma (yes, washing powder Nirma) is nothing like she has donned till yet.

Chopsticks now streaming on Netflix
Chopsticks now streaming on Netflix

Chopsticks’ Mithila is not the confident, chirpy Millennial whom we are used to seeing her in other works like “Little Things” or “Girl In The City” or lately “Karwaan” but more naïve, timid, shy and having-to-think-twice-even-before-wearing-an-earring forget a mini, and constantly fearful of what her no-nonsense boss as well as the city keeps throwing at her. And guess what, she manages to lose her brand new car on the very first day she bought it.

In the pursuit of her first proper possession (and more so because her Aai is about to visit), Nirma frantically seeks help from a conman-cum-thief-cum-aspiring-chef. And then begins a turn of events which will leave you amused and fairly glued to the screens for some time.

Chopsticks is a breezy, refreshing, easy-on-the-brains movie which you will definitely enjoy after this hectic week. So grab your pop corns, click here and have a wonderful relaxing time.

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