BASAFF 2018: 5 Lesser-Known Yet Brilliant Movies To Watch If You Are In Bay Area

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2019)

Consider yourself lucky if you happen to be in Bay Area from Sept. 21 to 23 as you can witness an ultimate film festival of some of the most brilliant cinematic excellence.

Bay Area South Asian Film Festival (BASAFF) is all set to kick start from Sept. 21. The film festival will bring forth some of the lesser-heard yet superbly engaging thought-provoking cinema. The movies that are showcased in the festival will surpass the age, culture and language barrier and will show to the world that India-based movies are much more than thumkas and jhatkaas.

Here is the list of movies that are set to feature in BASAFF. Click here to book the tickets and have fun:

  1. The Extraordinary Journey Of A Fakir

Friday, September 21 at 7:30 pm
Schultz Cultural Arts Hall
Oshman Family Jewish Community Center, Palo Alto

Shot in  India, France, Italy, and Libya this French-English movie will take you by surprise and transport you into the fascinating world of protagonist Ajatashatru, played by Dhanush, who in pursuit of his estranged father takes an extraordinary journey in an IKEA wardrobe, Louis Vuitton suitcase and later on a hot air balloon.

  1. The Song Of Scorpions:

Saturday, September 22 at 6:45 pm
Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View

This movie will take you to the land of Rajasthan as a young Scorpion singer (as per an ancient myth, the sting of a scorpion can only be cured by a special Scorpion singer) finds love, betrayal, and revenge in the hot desert.

  1. T For Taj Mahal

Sunday, September 23 at 8:45 pm
Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View

Made by “Toonpur Ka Superhero” director Kireet Khurana, this movie has been applauded in other international film festivals as well. The movie is about an illiterate man’s journey to bring literacy to his village through a unique social enterprise.

  1. Shonar Pahar

Sunday, September 23 at 3:45 pm
Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View

This finely crafted piece deals with the dilemma of empty nests. Starring Veteran actress Tanuja, the movie is about a grumpy old woman who is abandoned by her only son and finds the zest of life once again when she starts spending time with a young orphan boy.

  1. 22 Yards:

Saturday, September 22 at 9:30 pm
Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View


This movie is set for a World Premiere in BASAFF. The movie, directed by Mitali Ghoshal, stars Indian TV star Barun Sobti and is about a sports agent and a young cricketer, both hit the rock bottom and their fight back with each other’s help.

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